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Continuous Improvement

Day 1 vs Day 2 culture:

  • Continuous improvement is improvement done on all processes, every day; weekly projects does not constitute for continuous improvement
    • there is no finish line and since the future is unclear, once should strive for many small, continuous steps towards success
      • Toyota considers the improvement capability of all the people in an organization the “strength” of a company. From this perspective, then, it is better for an organization’s adaptiveness, competitiveness, and survival to have a large group of people systematically, methodically, making many small steps of improvement every day rather than a small group doing periodic big projects and events.
      • leadership is key to have everyone, not just managers, care enough about overarching objectives to continuously improve
        • prioritize problems and don’t just fix them, understand why they happened in the first place Non-Toyota thinking: normal daily management improvement Toyota thinking: normal daily management process improvement